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My name has changed


I change my character’s name from Kurandir to Elsric a while back.  I wanted to keep the naming convention from my main, Elskar, and Elsric had a nice “Old English” ring to it.  So there it is.

I’m blowing the dust off this blog and will start regularly updating it to reflect what is going on in WoW.  I also have an orc death knight on Medivh named Erishnak, and I’ll detail his travels here as well (he is currently on day 4 of the venomhide ravasaur mount quest).

Until Later,

Suffer Well!


Picture from the Past – Saurfang


Here’s a little picture from a couple of weeks ago from a guild ICC 10 run…Here we are positioning for the Deathbringer Saurfang fight.  This was on my first alt, Meagosh.

Last night I went ahead and bought some tanking boots and bracers, just to get me into heroics.  They’re from the Tempered Saronite set, so they’re not exactly stellar, but they’ll do for now.
Today when I get home from work I plan on running a few heroics to get more badges and hopefully some better tanking gear.  I’ll also prepare my macros, rotation, etc. so I can actually queue as a tank.  Before long, I think I’ll be ready for raids.
Until later,
Suffer Well!

Dual Speccing and Gear


Morning, folks!  Last night at about 10 p.m. local, I went ahead and purchased my dual-talent specialization.  I am officially broke now!  A few of my guildies and I ran through the heroic ICC five-mans last night, and I acquired a new piece of tanking gear:  The Second Helm of the Executioner.  I was also able to pick up my second tier 9 tanking piece.  I promised a list of my tanking gear, so here is an itemized list, by slot:

Head:  Second Helm of the Executioner

Shoulders:  Thassarian’s Pauldrons of Conquest

Chest:  Thassarian’s Chestguard of Conquest

Back:  Cloak of the Enemy

Wrist:  Cast Iron Shackles – Need tanking bracers

Hands:  Mercy’s Hold

Waist:  Skadi’s Iron Belt

Legs:  Legplates of Frozen Granite

Feet:  Plated Greaves of Providence – Need Tanking Boots

Weapon: Edge of Ruin – Need to get a separate weapon with SSG rune

My goal for this week is get these gemmed and enchanted, and try to hunt down a necklace, rings, trinkets, bracers, boots, and a weapon!  Then, I think I’ll finally be able to try tanking a few heroics.

Suffer Well!

Death Knight Tanking – Going for Blood


Hello, there.  My name is Kurandir, and I’ll be your guide through the world of death knights.  First, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I have been playing World of Warcraft for about two and a half years now, since the fall of 2007.  My first character was a human paladin, who I still play.  Recently, I have absolutely fell in love with playing my death knight, Kurandir.

Currently, Kurandir is only specced as an unholy death knight.  That will change this week.  I am planning on going with a blood tank spec as well, which I will detail here as things progress.  Here is a highlight of what I am planning to do:

The Spec

It will be 58/8/5.   Here’s a detailed breakdown of the spec:

Blood Tree

Tier One:  5/5 Blood Barrier

Tier Two:  5/5 Bladed Armor, 3/3 Scent of Blood, 2/2 Two-Handed Weapon Specialization

Tier Three:  1/1 Rune Tap, 5/5 Dark Conviction, 3/3 Death Rune Mastery.

Tier Four:  3/3 Improved Rune Tap, 3/3 Spell Deflection

Tier Five:  3/3 Bloody Strikes, 3/3 Veteran of the Third War

Tier Six:  3/3 Bloody Vengeance, 1/2 Abomination’s Might

Tier Seven:  2/2 Improved Death Strike, 3/3 Sudden Doom, 1/1 Vampiric Blood

Tier Eight:  3/3 Will of the Necropolis, 1/1 Heart Strike, 3/3 Might of Mograine

Tier Nine:  5/5 Blood Gorged

Frost Tree

Tier One:  3/3 Improved Icy Touch, 5/5 Toughness (15% armor).

Unholy Tree

Tier One:  5/5 Anticipation (5% dodge).


Minor Glyphs: Horn of Winter, Pestilence, and Raise Dead

Major Glyphs: Death Strike, Death and Decay, Vampiric Blood

I chose death and decay for more damage (and more dmg = more threat per second), and vampiric blood for the Oh Crap! button effect.  The Death Strike glyph should be a given.


Again, it should be obvious – Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle.

Right now, this is just an introduction into what I will be doing.  Later I’ll add the gear that I currently have for my tanking (which is pretty basic and introductory).  Until then, Suffer Well!!